Over a year ago I wrote that shoulder pads were making a comeback. Well, they’re back. Still fringe, but in full swing nonetheless. At the moment you’ll find sharp shoulder padded looks in jackets. You’ll find them in tops and dresses too but not as frequently. I LOVE the look. They’re a fun and much improved 80’s flashback, so a big fat yay from me.

This time round fashionable shoulder pads are a lot more streamlined and tasteful than they were 25 years ago. The pads look more integrated and part of the garment as opposed to an afterthought. In the 80’s I often bought shoulder pads separately and piled them on under my shirts and jackets. Thank goodness the silhouettes are more tasteful today. The perfect shoulder padded jacket is not hard to find and I’m so impressed with the industry’s clever designers. I’ve found two over the last year and I simply can’t get enough of my plain black version, which is the more versatile of the two.

Strong shoulder styles aren’t the best look for women with broad shoulders and extra strong shoulder lines, unless they have the height to balance it out. Not that we cared about that back in the 80’s when we all looked like we were going to topple over. But if you have narrow shoulders, a dainty shoulder line, sloped shoulders or regular width shoulders, you might find that you really like the look.

Greg didn’t like my strong shouldered jackets at first. But after seeing them a few times they grew on him.  Have they grown on you too? Are strong shoulders jackets a yay or nay? If they are a nay for you, do you like them on other people? Does your eye need to (re-) adjust to the silhouette?

Whistles Sharp Shoulder JacketSparkle & Fade Pointed Shoulder BlazerLaROK Vintage Cigarette JacketWarehouse Long Line Tailored Blazer

You don’t need to spend a fortune if you like this trend. H&M, Urban Outfitters and Express have some super, budget-friendly options in at the moment and they’ll be even cheaper when they go on sale.