There is a fantastic variety of hair product. This makes sense, given that there are products suited to all hair types and hair styles. Short straight hair, for example, requires completely different product to long curly hair.  Add in the variables of colour treatment, climate and budget and a multi-billion-dollar industry of hair care products is born (I’m extrapolating from a market research report in 2005 that put the hair care market at $7.6 billion in the US alone).

I have short, straight, razer-cut, hair and I like the texture to look extra piece-y and choppy. So after a wash and quick blow dry I apply a small helping of my favourite hair goo. I use Alterna’s Caviar Radiant Smoothing Lotion. It’s NON-STICKY, which is extremely important to me. I cannot tolerate sticky hair goo — it makes me feel like I need to shower and wash my hair.

Alterna Caviar Radiant Smoothing Lotion

It’s pricey, but Alterna lotion goes a long way. It brings out the rough edges of the razer cut and also adds a healthy shine to my hair. I’ve been using it since cutting my hair short again and will have an apoplexy if they discontinue the product. I’ve tried other brands and nothing yields the same good results.

Have you found a brand of hair goo that works for you? I’m sure others would enjoy hearing about your preference as it might help them to make better product choices. Hair stylists in particular, please weigh in with your professional opinions.