It’s somewhat predictable to show off the décolleté, especially if that’s a pretty part of your body. But how about bit of unexpected back exposure?  I vote yay. I enjoy seeing ladies wear garments with interesting back cutout detailing because it draws attention to a less commonly revealed part of the body.

Often our backs are in superb shape and we forget how gorgeous they are. Showcasing a lovely back is just as attractive and alluring as revealing a bit of beautiful chest. And if you’re bony in the chest area like I am, or if you have sun damage on your décolleté, your back might be a more comfortable way to expose some skin.

My yay vote comes with the caveat that I need to feel adequately covered. I still need to wear a bra with a backless garment and feel secure that my dress or top isn’t going to slide off my shoulders.  As with all revealing pieces, the amount of exposure has to be just right so that I don’t feel naked. With my short hair I tend to feel even more exposed because I don’t have cascading locks to cover up skin.

How do you vote? Would you wear an item with back cutouts? If not, can you appreciate the look on others?

Marc Jacobs Diamond Zig Zag Dress Michelle Mason Open Spine Dress Theory Jacobi Dress

You’d get away with wearing the right style of bra with these backless styles and I like that important detail. It’s fun to make a dramatic exit.