Here’s a story combining two topics that generated a lot of discussion on YLF recently: plus sized models and nudity in the fashion media.

French Marie Claire chose larger models to showcase a bathing costume and lingerie line in their June edition. Quite refreshing. I enjoy seeing all sorts of body types represented in fashion shoots – after all, that’s the reality on the street.

Of course, the definition of “plus size” can be debated, but the models here are definitely a lot curvier than the norm for their profession.

We don’t see many larger models in fashion magazines so its newsworthy when it happens. This would not have happened 15 years ago, but the fashion world still has a long way to go if it wants all of its audience to feel like their body types are represented. I’m not sure they will ever get that part right, but I’m hopeful. Every year the media seems to be moving in the right direction with shoots like this and Lane Bryant’s recent television commercial.

Nudity is commonplace in European advertising, so it’s no surprise that one of the models is topless. She looks magnificent. Remember that this is French Marie Claire and it’s common for ladies to tan topless in France, so this type of coverage probably doesn’t kick up any fuss over there.

I originally read about this in the Huffington Post, but proceed with caution because the article contains images that might not be suitable for your work environment. Be especially careful if you work in Investment Banking.