In case you didn’t see the ruckus a few days ago, Lane Bryant’s new lingerie ad caused a bit of stir when television networks ABC and FOX were not prepared to air it during prime time television (in the case of ABC it was the hit show, “Dancing with the Stars”). Both ABC and FOX said that they would air the lingerie ad between 9pm and 10pm. But in the end the ad was only aired during the last minutes of that time slot. And in FOX’s case the ad went through several edits before it was aired.

Lane Bryant’s ad shows stunning plus size model Ashley Graham prancing around a hotel room in underwear. Lane Bryant believes that the television networks decision to restrict the airing of the ad is “rooted in the cultural prejudice against plus sized women”. On their blog, they went further to say:

While it’s no secret that Victoria’s Secret “The Nakeds” ads are prancing around on major networks leaving little to the imagination, steaming up t.v. screens and baring nearly everything but their souls, our sultry siren who shows sophisticated sass is somehow deemed inappropriate. The network exclaimed, she has “too much cleavage” Gasp!

Apparently, ABC and FOX claim that Lane Bryant was treated no differently to other advertisers with similar products.

Whatever the story behind this incident, I think that this is a very tasteful lingerie advertisement. The model and the lingerie look absolutely beautiful. Yes, she has a lot of cleavage, but models who model lingerie and bathing costumes generally do. It’s ABC’s and FOX’s loss in my book. Of course, all this publicity is fantastic for the Lane Bryant campaign, and for Ashley Graham herself.

What do you think of the ad? Is it appropriate? Do you think that the model is too busty for prime time television?

NOTE: Here’s a link to the ad, but a word of warning to those at work. You’ll see a model in her bra and knickers.