We all have moments when we feel like refreshing our style fast, like with one or two items instead of a whole spate of new purchases. These items are what I call quick-fix style refreshers.

For some a quick-fix style refresher means a new pair of jeans, specs, sunglasses or shoes. For others it’s a new shade of lipstick, belt, hairstyle, jacket, or a couple of colourful tops.

My quick-fix style refresher is usually a new handbag. Although a handbag is not really something that you wear unless you leave the house, I can’t tell you how refreshed my style feels when I sport a new bag. It makes all my outfits look and feel different. And even when I’m not physically wearing my new bag, just seeing it perched on the table, on the floor, or on the stairs at home lifts my style mood. Such are the musings of a bag lady.

What’s your quick-fix style refresher? I’m interested to hear the similarities and differences between us.

L.A.M.B. Ultra-violet Rhodes SatchelL.A.M.B. Signature Worthington SatchelL.A.M.B. Ultraviolet Nikola Hobo

For the last year I’ve been really into Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. handbag collection. I didn’t always like her bags because they were often full of glitzy gold hardware, which is not my style. Now it seems that I can’t get enough of L.A.M.B.’s fun, edgy, yet sophisticated styles. And the bags are beautifully made to boot. I recently received the neon little darling on the left as a gift and I’m over the moon about it.