By knitwear I mean pullovers, jumpers and cardigans, or what are commonly known as “sweaters” in the US. Here are some ideas on how to store them effectively:

  • Folded on open shelves is best: Folding knitwear is a good idea because the item holds its shape best that way. Try to put knitwear on shelves in a wardrobe or armoire so that you can see what you have with one quick look. Using shelf dividers is a great way to section off piles of knitwear so that they stay put and don’t slide around.
  • If drawers are the only option, keep them shallow: It’s not so practical to keep knitwear in a chest of drawers because you can’t see what’s beneath the top layer, but I do understand that this is often the only option if space is limited. If this is the case, try to keep the drawers shallow so that rummaging through to the bottom is fairly easy.
  • Break the folding rule for cardigans: Hang long tunic cardigans and basic cardigans because it’s hard to fold them. Padded hangers or foam hangers will help keep cardigans shaped especially if they’re on the chunky side.
  • Store out of season knitwear to free up space: Use space bags to store away knitwear during off season if you’re short of closet space. The vacuum packed bags save space and keep your knitwear in pretty good shape. No insects, dust, moisture or musty odors. The only drawback is that the items are not easily accessible if you need to grab something quickly.

I keep basic turtle necks folded and hang up all my cardigans, both short and tunic length. I don’t use special hangers, but I need to get around to doing that. I don’t need to use space bags because I have sufficient space to keep all of my clothes in my closet throughout the year and there’s just no way you can ever pack away your knitwear in Seattle if you feel the cold like I do.

How do you organize your knitwear? Do you have any tips of your own to share?

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