I don’t mean coats and trenches that are designed to keep you warm outdoors. I mean any style of casual, smart casual or dressy jacket that can be worn indoors as well as outdoors. So we’re talking from the most modern classic tailored blazers to the spunkiest biker styles, and everything in between. Knit, woven, bright, neutral, long, short, lined, un-lined, structured, un-structured, heavy, lightweight – and the list goes on.

Here are five reasons to build your collection of jackets:

  1. They offer warmth: No-brainer. Even in hot and humid weather I carry some sort of jacket to combat arctic indoor air-conditioning.
  2. They achieve an instantly polished look: A woven tailored jacket gives your ensemble instant structure and a refined edge, whether you dress up the look with heels or stick to Converse sneakers. A jacket defines the upper body and works it’s magic over for most ensembles.
  3. They conceal extra midriff bits: A jacket is hands down the most effective way to do this.
  4. They add layering interest: So often the right jacket completes an outfit.
  5. They communicate your fashion persona: A jacket can make a huge statement about you or your mood. Trapeze styles are vintage and fun, pinstriped blazers are androgynous and business-like, ruffled styles are romantic and girly, boyfriend blazers are playful and trendy, while biker jackets are tough and edgy. Take your pick.

Unfortunately (fortunately?) a relatively cool temperature indoors or outdoors is a prerequisite for jacket wearing. Without it these fab reasons fall flat.

Are you a jacket wearer and do these reasons resonate with you? Or are you jacket-resistant?

Lane Bryant Boyfriend BlazerHalogen Boyfriend JacketPlastic Island Gala BlazerLane Bryant Asymetric Crinkle JacketLane Bryant Cropped Denim Motorcycle JacketWilliam Rast Quilted Leather Jacket

The boyfriend blazer, biker jacket and strong shouldered silhouette are still tops as far as jacket trends go. But there are so many jacket styles at our disposal that you can happily bypass these trends and choose a look that’s more to your liking.