The skin on my legs is far from blemish-free. I don’t have age spots yet and there is no scarring, but I have multiple burst blood vessels and loads of varicose veins. I also have thin, delicate skin, which makes my normal blue veins visible too. My legs are quite the sight.

I see a dermatologist regularly and the vein-y situation on my legs is not a health hazard at all. I can actually have the burst blood vessels and varicose veins removed with cosmetic surgery. But honestly, I’m not bothered. I keep my lily white legs smoothly shaved, moisturized and polished. I also look after my feet and that’s enough for me.

And what’s more, I’ll sport bare legs with knee-length skirts, dresses, clamdiggers and walk shorts, no problem. My blemished leg skin is what it is and I’m not embarrassed about it. I could apply self tan or spray-on leg foundation to smooth out the look of the veins and add a bit of colour, but that spells extra morning fuss so why bother.

So I vote yay. I welcome my own bare legs with blemished skin and also tell my clients that it’s fine to sport theirs. Wear an attractive and flattering ensemble with fab accessories, keep up the polish and you’re good to go.

What’s your opinion? Do you think that women with blemished leg skin should cover up with hose, boots, jeans or slacks? Should we at least try to apply self tan and leg foundation to minimize the damage? Are vein-y legs unsightly? Lets hear it.