This frock gives you a 50’s hourglass silhouette without even thinking about it. Beautifully A-line and generally flattering. It’s in a weighty polyester spandex that drapes extremely well. I mean “wow-drape”. And the Grecian integrity of the dress helps with the drape factor too. Lovely, lovely quality. It looks amazing paired with a cropped white or blue denim jacket and metallic sandals.

The style clings in all the right places and glides over those little extra bits. No back fat. Perfect for pear and hourglass body types and pretty good for apple, rectangle and inverted triangle body types too. Even my less than curvy frame has curves in this dress.

Calvin Klein Shirred Tank Dress

If the V-neckline plunges down too low, then the micro camisoles from Second Base have you sorted for extra coverage. White or black camisoles get my vote as they work with the print, which is quite the  acquired taste. You’ll either like the boldness of it or not. If the pattern and colours are not to your taste, try to find a similar silhouette in another colour. Don’t brush past the style if you’re well endowed either as it can work.

The wash care label states “dry clean only”, but if this were my dress, I’d throw it straight into the machine and wash in cold water on the “hand wash delicates” cycle – after all, I do bend laundry rules.