I’ve generally been disappointed with skirts this season. Short flouncy A-line skirts made this season’s must have list, but the selection on offer in retail are not must haves at all. At least not in my neck of the woods.

The assortment is severely lacking. Most of the skirts have either been too short, too black, too beige, too frilly or too poufy. So quite unflattering. Sometimes, short A-line skirts look spunky over a pair of leggings, which helps out the length issue. But not everyone can wear (or wants to wear) this look.

Sure, there are plenty of fabulous business like pencil skirts available, and for that I am grateful. It wasn’t that long ago when a great basic pencil skirt was also hard to find.

I’ll accept that my disappointment is completely wrapped up in my expectation. Even though I’m a dress gal at heart, I was psyched about the resurgence of fun, flouncy A-line skirts for Spring and Summer. Maybe it’s a Seattle thing. But then again I hardly saw A-line skirts in Europe a few weeks ago.

Am I alone in thinking that we’re having a bad A-line skirt season? Is the assortment better where you live? For the moment, I’m going to carry on hoping that fabulously flattering A-line skirts are still on their way.