A newborn in 2006, a toddler in 2008 and a fully fledged pre-schooler in 2010. YLF turns four today! And thanks to innumerable cups of tea we haven’t missed a daily post yet (we don’t count weekends and holidays).

I can truly say that I’ve enjoyed every minute of these four years of YLF. I like writing my posts, responding to comments, answering questions on the forum, and popping my picks into our store. I also love working with my better half who makes so much of this worthwhile. But it’s the soul of the YLF community and its engaged participation that brings tears of joy to my eyes. I just adore being part of it.

Looking back, the past year was especially exciting and here’s why:

  • The YLF Store: Launching and stocking the store with tried and tested items tickles my toes because I miss my fashion buying days just a teensy weensy bit. Reading your rave reviews about its merchandise gives me incredible satisfaction, but I also appreciate the critical feedback on individual items and how they work for you — that, after all, is the point of the review system.
  • Fashion Week: It was an honour to have obtained a press pass and we had so much fun that week. Despite the stress and hard work, I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.
  • Travel blogging: Greg and I travel frequently but have only recently started to blog about the fashion and style journey while we’re on the road. As a nod to YLF’s global spirit, we’ve included several travelogues over the last year and hope to bring you many more.
  • More guest writers: We’ve increased the number of guest writers this year because they add a classy and entertaining dimension to YLF. I thank them wholeheartedly. Their voices enrich our site and often speak louder than mine.
  • Two posts a day: Phew! I hope we can keep it up.
  • Hitting our 1000th post: And on to to the next thousand posts.
  • The gift: As a confirmed bag lady, I still can’t believe that you gave me the bag of my dreams. Know that my Valentino gets put to very good use, not only at home in Seattle, but on my trips abroad too.

The YLF readership grows every year and we couldn’t have done it without you. A very big thank you to all our subscribers, forum members, daily readers and occasional visitors for making the YLF community what it is today. As I’ve said many times before, your intelligence, compassion and sense of humour shines through, adding to the integrity of our site and inspiring us to continue.

If you’d like to share your meaningful YLF moments and favourite posts we’d love to hear them. If we can improve our site in any way, we’d love to hear that too. But more importantly, rock your style and keep those fashion feet moving. Don’t let anything ever stop you from having fun with your wardrobes.