Tied with the micro fibre Prada backpack, the drawstring bucket bag is about as 90’s inspired as it gets. I had a brown and black suede version in 1995 that made me feel all professional and grown-up as a career orientated 25 year old.

Swarming designer collections in more updated, interesting and hip designs than what we saw 15 years ago, the drawstring bucket bag is the next “it” handbag silhouette. The new incarnations  are hot off the fashion press so most of the prices are still very high. But it won’t be long before H&M and Forever 21 have knocked them off for pittance, so watch out for the trend if it tickles your fancy.

Even as a confirmed Bag Lady, this handbag silhouette does not appeal to me anymore, so I vote nay. I guess I’m off the whole drawstring thing both from a practical and aesthetic point of view. How about you?

Jill Stuart Krista Pouchette BagMATT & NAT  Commix Drawstring BagAlexander Wang  Diego Mesh Bucket BagDiane von Furstenberg Thea Evening Bag