Now OpenToday we are thrilled to launch the new YLF store! It is all about saving you time and helping you to make fewer, better purchases that really count.

Me, Your Personal Shopper

Between working with clients and shopping for myself, I spend a lot of time in stores evaluating merchandise for a wide range of body types, fashion personas, lifestyles and budgets. I’m going to use this knowledge to “stock” the YLF store with tried and tested items that I love, and hopefully you’ll love too. (Truth be told, I also miss my days in retail, and the YLF store allows me to be a bit of fashion buyer again).

But mine is only one opinion. The YLF store will also allow you to weigh in and tell other readers about your experiences with the items that I put in the store. You can write a review, and give a star rating to each item.

Personal Shopping that’s Tailored to You

When I put items in the store I will specify the body types and fashion personas that suit them best. This means that you will be able to filter the store contents according to your own personal situation and preferences. Remember that these are merely starting points. Body types do not conform perfectly to the five simple stereotypes and you will need to take into account your secondary body type and body shape modifiers. And when it comes to fashion persona, it is often HOW you wear an item that will make the difference.

We have worked hard to make it easy to navigate the store. You can focus in specific departments, sort the items in different orders (price, rating and date), and you can view the items in detail, as a gallery, or as a list.

Stores and Brands

I do spend a lot of time in Nordstrom, so don’t be surprised to see a lot of merchandise from their shelves in the YLF store. But we are also affiliated with department stores like Macy’s, Dillards, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale’s, and brands like Diesel, Lucky Brand Jeans, Gap, Armani, Bebe, Old Navy and Esprit. And of course, the great

Note that the store is a revenue generating feature. The affiliate partner pays us a commission when you follow a link from the YLF store and then purchase an item from them. This commission won’t be visible to you, and it won’t affect the price of the product you purchase.

It will support YLF though, helping us to offset some of the expenses of running the site and taking us closer to the day that we can make YLF a fulltime pursuit.

Happy Shopping!

So please jump in. Go directly to the store, or read a little more about how it all works. If you have any trouble with the new features (there are bound to be teething problems), or if you have any other comments or suggestions, please comment below, or use the sticky thread we have created in the forum.
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