There is so much going on in the world of make-up and it’s totally overwhelming. As soon as I walk into Sephora, I feel like walking straight back out again. Countless tubes of gloss, concealer, liner, bronzer, shadow, shimmery blush and other goo that‘s unfamiliar to my eye. I’m much more interested in skincare treatment than make-up, which is why I encourage a rigorous skincare routine, and an extremely natural makeup regime.

But helping clients with simple make-up solutions and suggestions is part of my job, so I’ve had to learn enough about the subject to keep clients looking adequately polished during the day. At this time of year, the subject of party make-up comes up and my suggestions are overly simple because I just don’t like the look of an overly made-up face. After all, you in your “almost natural” form is most stylish!

I usually suggest the following make-up tips for party occasions so that you look a little brighter at night than during the day:

  • Create an even skin tone with foundation or tinted moisturizer
  • Apply a darker shade of lipstick
  • Create a stronger brow line
  • Double up the layer of mascara
  • Add a little more blush

I also suggest a trip to the Mac make-up counter a few hours before an event if you’re after a smoky evening eye with eye shadow and liner. They do a great job and its virtually free. All you need to do is purchase one of their make-up items and you’re good to go. No need to fuss with make-up products on your own.

What’s your party make-up regimen and does it change from your daily make-up routine? How can I improve my party wear make-up tips? Are you enamored by the shimmery products that are available at make-up counters at this time of year, or do you find it overwhelming too?