Atlanta based company PZI Jeans has just launched a unique collection of skinny jeans made for curvy women. PZI Jeans Co-Founder and Vice President, Claire Jason explains:

“The industry said curvy women should never wear skinny jeans or they would look like an ice cream cone, so many lines did not offer a skinny jean for curvy women. Initially we did not offer our customer the skinny jean either. But, our customers kept asking for the skinny jean. So we started researching, studied and developed the perfect Skinny Jean for curvy women,”

As a result, PZI Jeans has 10 different skinny jean fits and styles which are suited to women with waistlines, fuller hips and curvy bottoms. The fits are available in a variety of washes, sizes (4 to 16), and inseam lengths (30 to 38 inches). The jeans claim to be premium denim quality but at an affordable mainstream price of $69 to $79 . Promising!

I haven’t yet tested the product so I can’t vouch for the fit, but I like what I see. As someone who believes that the curvier lass can sport skinnies with style, I can’t wait to get one of these jeans onto a suitable client. But if you feel you fit the body type criteria for this brand, by all means have go. There are other denim silhouettes to choose from if skinny jeans aren’t your thing.

PZI Skinny Jeans

Note that PZI Jeans is an advertiser on YLF, but that didn’t factor into my decision to write this post. These skinnies for curvies really are a great idea.