The January issue of Glamour magazine (the one with Brittany Spears on the cover) is worth a look. It has an excellent, illustrated seven page article on how to successfully mix-and-match ensemble pieces that most of us already own. The same pieces are dressed both up and down, which is key to a making a small wardrobe work.

Getting the biggest bang for your fashion buck means paying keen prices and making wardrobe items work overtime. This article shows you how to do it. My favourite tips were:

The article points out that adding different accessories to an outfit makes it look and feel new. I wholeheartedly agree. The accessory, handbag and footwear departments in any store are the first to tickle my fancy at the start of a new season. Based on many of your fashion and style resolutions for the new year, it sounds like we’re all going to pay closer attention to our accessory collections this year. I’m willing to bet that the accessory areas of departments stores will show a sales growth in our challenging economy.