I’m not usually big on New Year’s resolutions because I believe that if we’re going to change something about ourselves, it’s a good idea to act immediately as opposed to waiting for the first day of the year. But this is as good a time as any to talk about style, fashion and shopping related resolutions for the year ahead, and the forum had a great discussion on the topic.

It was interesting to see a core set of resolutions emerge. These were shared by almost everyone who participated in the thread:

  • to spend less overall and become more of a bargain shopper
  • to purchase fewer fabulous items of greater quality
  • to pass on items that are not absolutely perfect (minor alterations are obviously permitted)
  • to shop for your dominant season
  • to focus on footwear and accessories like handbags, scarves, specs and jewelry because they are cost effective ways of changing up a look

Here are some of the other fashion and style related resolutions that were shared on the forum:

  • to do regular closet sweeps
  • to improve closet organization
  • to shop with a plan
  • to learn how to correctly fit garments
  • to get out of clothing ruts
  • to shop more at thrift and consignment stores
  • to eliminate closet orphans
  • to get a great hairdo
  • to let go of T-shirts (one of my favourites)
  • to make an effort to look nice every day

These are fabulous resolutions and I share them whole heartedly. I have a few additional ones on my list:

  • to add more skirts to my wardrobe – as much as I adore dresses, I’m on a skirt kick. I seem to wear jeans less frequently these days and I’m enjoying evolving my style in this way.
  • to add more knitwear to my wardrobe – it takes a long time to warm up in my neck of the woods and I never seem to purchase enough knitwear. That’s not going to happen this year.
  • to wear my cocktail rings – I stopped wearing my rings because I encountered problems with my wrists and didn’t want anything on my hands. My wrists feel better so I hope to wear my rings again.
  • to have regular facials – taking care of my skin is my top beauty priority and I’ve found that facials work wonders. I am still trying to make these happen monthly but time is at a forever shortage. This is the year for monthly facials.

How many of these resolutions do you share? Do you have additional ones that will inspire us?