Uggs are extremely popular and there is no stopping the look. I’ve seen teens and women of all ages wearing the Australian ped in all sorts of everyday fashion ensembles (over jeans, with sweats and under skirts). In an overly snowy Seattle, the weatherproof Ugg has been the number one item of footwear on the streets and it’s virtually sold out at retail.

There are Uggs and there are Uggs. The “classic” Ugg is styled like a bedroom slipper and should not be sported as fashion outside the comfort of your home. I hear they are practical in the snow and I might make an exception for this. I can understand them functioning as necessary gear for walking in the snow or shoveling snow in the driveway (you can change into other boots or shoes once you’re back on warm dry land). As for an après ski statement, I wouldn’t take it that far.

You have countless options when it comes to stylish weather proof boots for snowy Winters. Actually, there are stylish options by the same brand. Bring on the pro-Ugg arguments if you’re a classic Ugg wearer. I doubt you’ll change my mind.

Ugg Classic TallUgg Classic ShortUgg Classic Cardy

The “classic” Ugg, which made the brand famous. I call them “the bedroom slipper variety”. Not so fab.

Ugg Brookfield TallUgg TottenUgg Seline

These Uggs are infinitely more flattering and stylish because they actually look like a shoe.