Sweats get a lot of wear in my lifestyle because I pop them on in the morning and at night instead of a robe. I love, love, love cute and comfy loungewear and it’s important that I feel as good in my sweats as I do in daily outfits. I therefore take considerable care in selecting this part of my wardrobe so that I’m not caught off guard when someone unexpectedly knocks on our door.

I prefer extremely soft, roomy, cozy, stretchy loungewear in vibrant colours. I am not a fan of yoga wear or active wear as a lounging option. I personally find that type of gear less comfortable and not as cheerful. Year after year, American Eagle is my go-to place for sweats. I’ve also purchased sweats at Victoria Secret, but American Eagle remains a favourite. I know that I should not be shopping at a teenage store but I can’t help it. They have exactly what I’m after, the price is right and I fancy the collegiate sweat suit look.

Every season, I try to find a more refined and age appropriate sweat suit option, but still no luck. Alternatives are either less soft, ill-fitting, boring in style and gloomy in colour selection. So my loungewear is unsophisticated and high-school. Rightly or wrongly, I feel put together in my juvenile sweats. That’s okay. I don’t have teenagers or babysitters wearing the same look at home. I’m happy hanging onto this youthful look in my late 30’s.

Eagle Heritage Full Zip FleeceEagle Heritage Full Zip FleeceAE Athletic PantAE Athletic Pant

These are the sweats I purchased a few days ago. They are as soft as a baby’s bottom. The hoodies are on special (buy one and get half off the second one).