Lounging sweats are everywhere, but it’s not easy to find ones that are flattering, fun and hold up well in the wash. I am particularly fussy with loungewear because I will not settle for anything that’s drab, ill-fitting and badly made (remember ladies that we lounge with style). While fab yoga and athletic gear will also work, they’re not my choice for superb stay-at-home comfort.  I prefer baggy, wide-legged, ultra soft, 100% cotton terry cloth as opposed to anything remotely clingy and synthetic. Satisfying my comfort criteria is a tall order when you still want to feel attractive in your sweats.

This season, Victoria’s Secret did the trick with their “loungey, lazy and fit-tastic” sweatpants and hoodie-top options. The pants are low-ish in the rise but wide, long and luxurious all the same (good for those with long legs). If long sweats are too warm for your climate, try the shorts option instead. I have those too and highly recommend them. The hoodie-tops are loose yet tailored and the perfect length. These sweats come in an assortment of colours (e.g. navy, grey and yellow), so don’t be put off by the pink if that’s not your cup of tea. Think beyond buying  a matching set of sweats and mix up the colours a little for a more edgy ensemble.

I would never have thought to look for my loungewear at Victoria’s Secret, which just goes to show that you should never rule out a retailer. I’m delighted with my new sets of sweats and wear them every day.

Victoria's Secret PINK® Long Sweatshort Victoria's Secret PINK® The Lounger Hoodie

Fit-tastic, loungey sweats from Victoria’s Secret.