Wallets should be stylish accessories just like specs and watches. It’s great when they reflect our fashion persona because we whip them out many times a day. They are also an extremely functional accessory that carries things of great value to us. All the more reason to make our wallets a wonderfully visual and sensible choice.

This is what I look for in a wallet:

  • A bright colour. This is the first and most important requirement. I have never owned a wallet in a neutral shade. I need to identify my wallet in my handbag in an instant so that I don’t have heart failure. At the moment I’m sporting a tomato red, textured patent wallet that I absolutely love. It makes me smile every time I pull it out.
  • A lightweight style. I do not like to carry heavy things in my handbag, so a plain style with little hardware is a must.
  • Functional compartments. I need sufficient card compartments for my credit cards, driver’s license and other identity cards. I also need a large coin compartment that’s easily accessible. Unlike many people, I like to carry change and I do use it.
  • A small size. I usually like a compact shape (3×4 inches) because I do not carry a cheque book and my wallet must fit into a clutch. However, a dear friend recently gifted me with a larger wallet shape that I would never have previously considered (3.5 x7 inches). But it’s only a quarter of an inch thick, and being so sleek keeps the wallet “small” and efficient. It’s still lightweight and fits into my clutches.

Wallets needn’t be branded, leather or expensive. They can be cheap as chips and just as fab. A client of mine sports a great white cracked patent wallet that she bought at Forever 21. It fetches a compliment each time she takes it out. But if you’d prefer to buy an expensive wallet that will see you through for 5-10 years than that’s great too.

I see loads of sad, boring looking wallets that are overly stuffed and completely dysfunctional with broken zips, torn corners and loose stitching. Retire those poor wallets and opt for a better wallet system. I’m willing to bet that it will make a difference to your day.

Lodis 'Deco Diva' Clutch Wallet Lodis Accessories Romano Ombre Continental WalletDiesel Eliodoro WalletKate Spade Highland Park TarynLodis Accessories Raffa Patent Giraffe Print French PurseKate Spade 'Clinton St. - Taryn' Vachetta French Wallet

An assortment of fun and practical wallets. I am currently using the red Lodis on the top left. Thank you Lori for making me try something new. I love my red wallet.