I was given a beautiful white ceramic Michele watch for my birthday a few months ago. I could wear a black dustbin bag with my new white watch and still feel fabulous. That’s how much I love this statement piece.

As I was hastily putting on my watch yesterday morning, I fumbled with slick hand-creamed fingers and it fell hard onto the tiled bathroom floor. The ceramic strap shattered into a hundred pieces. I felt ill at the sight of my smashed watch on the floor. I wondered whether I’d be able to get a new strap, or whether it could be fixed at all. I could scarcely believe what had happened.

I gathered the pieces and went immediately to the Nordstrom watch counter where the watch had been purchased. I told the sales attendant that I had a watch crises and explained how I had clumsily dropped my watch. I asked whether there was anything they could do and went on further to say that I would need my watch back by Wednesday because I was going on a trip on Thursday. I knew that I was pushing my luck.

The sales attendant replied: “Oh! I’m so sorry! Please don’t worry. If we can’t get you fixed up with a new ceramic strap by Wednesday, we’ll give you a brand new watch today”.

I gasped. “Really? Nordstrom would do that? But I dropped the watch.”

“Of course we’ll do that”, she said. “We want you to have your watch on your trip.”

I was speechless.

It turned out that my watch would take six weeks to fix, so I was wearing a brand new Michele watch a few hours later. I thanked the sales assistant profusely and she said: “Sure! I’m glad you’re happy. That’s a great watch and you should not be without it”.

This must be the best customer service in the world. I can’t imagine it happening in any other retail store. There would be little empathy and certainly NO replacement. I’ve been a loyal Nordstrom shopper for a long time, but this experience takes my loyalty to a new level. Thank you, Nordies.

Do you have a great customer service story to share?