My raves list is always long. I find good things to say about every fashion season because it’s a matter of knowing how to sift through trends and make them work for you. These are the items that did not make it through my filter:

  • Maxi dresses: The word “nightie’ springs to mind when I see someone in this style. Maxi dresses weren’t as big in America as they were in Europe. Thank goodness I live in America.
  • Wide leg pants: They look great on the right body type but are generally hard to wear. There was too much of this product in US stores. Complete overkill. It’s interesting that this look did not take off in Europe.
  • Empire cut tops: Another overkill. You can’t wear these tops if you’re busty and many of my clients “feel pregnant” in them. There was little else to choose from in mainstream fashion stores which makes for a poor tops season.
  • Denim rises still too low: Higher rise pants were a fringe fashion statement, but generally mid rises on jeans were still too low. The best way to beat belly and back bulge is with a higher rise and layering techniques. Flattering rise measurements are still hard to find on premium jeans.
  • Pants with side entry pockets: It’s great when 50% of all dress pants have pocket detailing. But when 90% of them do, it’s a challenge. Pants with clean, flat fronts look best on most body types. I wish fashion buyers would get this.
  • Soaring heel heights: It’s the old story. Most fabulous looking shoes are uncomfortable and hard to walk in.
  • Skirts and dresses generally too short: When petites start shopping in regular departments to gain 3 inches of length on a dress and skirt, you know items are too short. I’m all for mini’s as part of the fashion mix, but when most of the frocks are far above the knee there’s a problem.
  • Too much trapeze: This little jacket makes a great retro fashion statement but moderation is key. I’m relieved to see them side by side with fitted jacket silhouettes for Autumn.

Missed opportunities:

  • Shortage of skinny and straight leg jeans: Voluminous tops look best with sleek bottoms. Most voluminous tops were matched with wide leg pants because that’s what trending in bottoms. An awful look.
  • Denim skirts and denim jackets: These no-brainer versatile items are always hard to find.
  • Casual pants that aren’t jeans: We need casual micro-check pants!
  • Short length tops to wear with skirts: A store that specializes in shorter tops to wear with orphan skirts would make a killing. I’d take all my clients there.

Bring on Spring and Summer 2008 rants ladies, and don’t hold back. We are putting this topic to rest today.

Lush Floral Maxi Dress Lush Floral Maxi Dress Velvet Torch Maxi Sundress

Some people loved the Maxi dress trend, but I wasn’t one of them. Just too much fabric for daytime in Summer.