End of season sales are drawing to a close and it won’t be long before stores are full of Autumn and Winter merchandise. We’ve seen the last of Summer collections even though most of you have months of hot weather to endure (it’s that crazy retail cycle again). If Summer is your dominant season, remember to stock up now.

You know the drill. YLF closes every retail season with a “best and worst”. Raves today, rants tomorrow. I enjoy hearing your final thoughts on the last six months of fashion. Here are my raves:

  • White jeans: The ultimate warm weather bridging piece. Everything looks good with a pair of white bottoms.
  • Clamdiggers: A versatile cropped pant option and the perfect answer to the Summer skinny.
  • Shirt dresses: Great over skinnies or on their own. A classic piece that can be interpreted in a multitude of ways.
  • Bright coloured clothing and accessories: We saw every bright colour this season. Yellow, citron and tomato red are personal favourites with turquoise in the wings. I hope turquoise is a big colour next Spring.
  • Cardigans: It’s been the best cardigan season yet. Every colour, style, print and fabric composition was represented. This versatile item is a must in every wardrobe. Three cheers for fab cardigans.
  • Spring trenches: I was impressed with the style and colour choices this season. There was a great assortment and retailers thought further than the classic black and tan belted looks. Bravo.
  • Back and white: I love black, white and cream outfit combinations. It was great to have these choices alongside vibrant seas of colour in stores.
  • Cracked patent: Love it’s urban edge. Long may it last.
  • Voluminous trend: These silhouettes are liberating for the midriff area. Woman can look polished in looser styles if there’s strategic tailoring to other parts of the garment. I like having the voluminous trend alongside the body conscious trend. Ample choice in one fashion season is how it should be.
  • Longer length tops and tunics: An elegant and comfortable look that I continue to love.
  • Flat shoes: There was a superior assortment of comfortable flat shoes this year. The fact that I found three pairs is a miracle.
  • Waist belts: They make for a great polished hour glass look.
  • White accessories: White shoes, bags, belts and watches make a fresh and strong impact. My white watch, cream flats and cream trench are the best items I purchased this season.
  • Wedges: The quintessential modern heel. I can’t imagine my wardrobe without a stable sassy wedge.
  • Gladiators: A great way to dress down an outfit.
  • The re-birth of Banana Republic: Their new design team is stellar. After years of boring product, they have never looked better.

Hopefully you found loads to rave about this season. Let’s hear about it in the comments.

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