Yellow started coming through last Spring and has made an even stronger impact this season. You’ll find energizing shades of yellow clothing, footwear and accessories ranging from the palest lemon to the brightest gold and electric citron in stores right now.

You won’t be disappointed if you incorporate yellow into your wardrobe. If you can’t wear the colour close to your face, sport it through a camisole, shoes, handbag, pendant, necklace, belt or patterned item that incorporates yellow. And don’t rule out wearing the right shade of yellow close to your face either. Yellow seems to soften once it’s surrounded by other colours. Surprisingly, yellow has worked beautifully each time I have incorporated it into someone’s wardrobe. It’s especially striking in shoes against dark denim and brings dull neutrals to life.

I grew up in a Dutch household where orange, yellow and red were regarded as perfectly basic colours for men and women. You’ll find Dutch men sporting these hot shades as if they were blue. So I guess I’m used to yellow and took to the cheerful shade as soon as it surfaced as a fashion colour. Nothing says Spring quite as appropriately as daffodil yellow, so don’t be scared to try it if it’s new for you. I’m willing to bet that you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

CardiganClutchSilk DressTote

There is a sea of yellow in my wardrobe at the moment. Something very merry about the colour makes me smile.