Greg and I started YLF two years ago and the time has flown. We like to celebrate these anniversaries by reflecting on the activity of our readers. Below are the 10 posts that received the most comments over the last year. Crocs seem to be the shoe we love to hate – they came in at positions 1 and 10. Especially notable in this list are numbers 1 and 7, which were posted very recently and haven’t had much time to accumulate comments.

  1. Crocs mean business
  2. Do you love or loathe the new Trapeze jacket?
  3. Preferred shopping categories
  4. Katie’s new cut
  5. The volume watershed
  6. Vanity Sizing
  7. High-waisted, wide-legged jeans
  8. The body shape bible
  9. An American holiday tradition?
  10. To Croc or not to Croc

These are the top 10 categories. “Body Type” was at the top of the list again this year (last year’s positions are in parentheses).

  1. Body Type (1)
  2. What to Wear
  3. Dresses
  4. Wedding Wear (5)
  5. Party Wear
  6. Casual Wear (2)
  7. Men’s Style (8)
  8. European Style (7)
  9. Dress Codes (10)
  10. Celebrities

I have posted over 500 entries so it’s hard to come up with a list of my favourites. I enjoy writing all my posts but hold a special place in my heart for the pieces on:

  • International style and fashion
  • Upcoming trends
  • The best and worst of a season
  • Dressing for your body type
  • Dress codes

The posts that generated the most controversy were “Dressing your age” and “Are you too sexy to fly?“.

A big thank you to all our subscribers, forum members, daily readers and occasional visitors for making our readership what it is today. Your valuable contribution is appreciated. Remember that if you enjoy the blog, you can vote for us in the Blogger’s Choice Awards (in the “Best Blog About Stuff” and “Best Blog Design” categories).