This has been the season for wide-legged pants. They are the “it” pant silhouette in America and I too fell in love with high-waisted wide legged jeans. I have tried on several high-waisted wide-leg and mid-rise wide-leg styles and they look great when I wear heels and sport a slim-fitting blousy top.

But my wide-legged styles from last season are wardrobe orphans because I don’t feel fabulous when I wear them. There is a strange something about the excess fabric around my legs and feet that “gets in the way” when I’m charging around town. They feel like excess baggage. Perhaps this is why I’ve seen so few of them while in Paris over the last couple of days.

Women often look wider in wide-legged pants. It’s actually a hard silhouette to wear well and it has not been a popular style amongst my clients. Height and heels are a prerequisite and getting the silhouette of the leg line right is key. For those of you that fancy wide-legged pants and wear them well, I’m interested to know what it is about the style that appeals to you?

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On the right person, I like the way wide-legged pants look. I’m probably alone, but I don’t like the way they feel.