I'm suuuuuuuuper late to the party, as have been trying desperately to get organized (in everything) over the holiday break. I plan on doing a blog post describing all the things I've learned since May when I joined the community, but here are my faves to add to the thread. Sorry there are many photos, but I realized while organizing them how far I've come in the months since I stumbled into this forum and worked with Angie. Hope you enjoy as I've enjoyed all of yours!

2014 Highlights/Firsts: Bright color linen sweaters for Summer, BF jeans, white jeans and white out, EF harems, AGL sequin "dragon" oxfords, plaid top to bottom, chunky knits and ponchos, coat and jacket capsule completion, leather leggings.

I don't really post, but this is such a good thread, I couldn't help myself. These are a few of the outfits I liked from this year, mostly all casual.

ACK! My iPhone never lets me label pictures my way, so I nuked all the photos and can't directly post my outfits here! Angie, forgive me, but I went with links to the relevant WIW threads instead:

Bright pink dress layered over cowl-neck sweater:


Boyfriend jeans (at last) with cozy semi-tucked sweater for cold weather:

Elegant-feeling texture, even with statement denim: http://youlookfab.com/welookfab/topic/q

Again with texture, this time with sequens and silky track pants (it's posted in the comments rather than the original thread): http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....rack-pants

Purple dress and grey pearls (number 2 in this thread): http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....-new-looks

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What a treat! As a new member I am sooo enjoying looking at everyone's favourite's from the past year!

Here are a few of my looks - haven't captured many, but a couple in my beloved RL dresses that I wore all throughout pregnancy (shiny mentioned them in her post too - these are wardrobe workhorses!) Also I included one of me in an Indian outfit because I love being able to justufy two separate wardrobes

I am SOOO late but just cannot stand aside
So much fun to see all your favorite looks of 2014!
Here are some of mine...hmmm, I see no skirts at all....interesting!

Sveta, I am high-fiving you on all our twin-dom. Also, may I just say that 6 and 7 are K2K and I am patting myself on the back for insisting you buy that gilet! #10 & #11 wow me, too.

Roxanna, you are so pretty and how great to see you post! Love all your pictures, esp. #2. Cute accessory!

Michelle, you are polished modern classic personified in every outfit.

ErikaJ, you are a mistress of the semi-tuck! Lovely to see you post!

Dashielle, what an incredible fashion year you've had -- fabulous outfits, one and all, but #1 is esp. amazing.

GP - I posted on your thread....gorgeous and very interesting style progression.

Soobee, I have always admired your summery style and it is good to have you back.

Harmonica, same to you in reverse! I've always felt a kinship for your wintery style and delighted to see you back!