this is fun. I have 1 more photo I just found that was one of my favorite fall outfits. cognac booties, olive pants, orange and my fav scarf.

I meant to add in my sleepy state last night that I'm really enjoying looking at all of your choices! There are too many for me to respond to every one, but this has been such a fun thread, and I'm glad to see all the shared outfits in one place.

I just flipped through mine (like I said, I put them up last night when I was tired), and I could have edited more tightly for a smaller number, but I honestly really like all of those outfits. I almost forgot about a few of them, so it was a nice opportunity to review. It was interesting to note that I do vary my silhouette more than I thought, especially in summer. Of note: I wear dresses and skirts in summer, not so much in winter, and I really do prefer pointy-toed footwear! Game changers: my new glasses, the long black BCBG jacket, and the Athleta capris for summer.

Janet, you can post as many outfit pics as you want. I’m going with #1/2 as my fave, and #1 as a close second. I love Simple Janet with Hectic Shoes and Bag. I also LOVE the sleek hair.

Sharan, I’m going with #7, and #6 as a close second. Both sides of your Glam Neutral Moody Arty Looks.

StyleFan, it’s worth investigating the pocket thing for that coat. Or get even warmer gloves to match the coat.

KKards, #1 all the way - red accents look ultra fresh. Although #4 was a close second. You had me with the column of white.

Astrid, I’m going with #1 because it’s unusual to see you in those colours. Lovely.

Aubergine, hands down #1. Great fashionable combination.

Ornella, #2 and #6 are tied. I’m digging the little Arty streak coming through with the classics, and you on LONG tops.

Nice outfit, always trying.

Debs, Debbie, Caro, Elizabeth P and Joy, bring on your outfits.

I posted this as a comment on your blog post, Angie, but maybe I should have posted here it on this thread instead? Here it is again, in case that was the wrong place.

Stylewise, this was an exciting year for me. I turned 50 in January of this year and wanted to define me and be more me – exactly as Gryffin said so eloquently above.

So this year I’ve made huge strides in defining and stepping into my style.

In the spring I experimented with color, and defined my color palette and my level of contrast.

I defined my style as “Ethereal Dramatic Streamlined”.

I chose my “shopping mantra” (words to keep in mind when shopping): “striking, delicate, softness with structure”.

Over the summer I purged my closet of everything that I wasn’t wearing or that didn’t fit my newly-defined style.

I made a major hair style change to a wispy pixie cut I love.

I also stopped having my hair highlighted and am thrilled with my natural darker hair that’s sprinkled with sparkly silver-white strands.

In the fall, I started building my new wardrobe with a selection of bottoms and tops that are in my style and have a fair amount of mixability.

I started a list of outfits that I particularly like on me, so I can wear them again – and also so I can define the elements that work really well for me.

I added three new pairs of shoes in my colors: clogs, walking shoes, and lightweight hiking boots. (Practical shoes for my fussy feet – but they go nicely with my outfits!)

I made a few necklaces and earrings for my new style.

Thinking back to a year ago, I look and FEEL so much more ME now! I’m still developing and tweaking my wardrobe – but for the first time in a very long time it’s really exciting to get dressed every day!

My style goals for 2015 include getting some ethereal scarves in my colors, some toppers, a skirt or two, new rimless glasses . . . and trying my hand at sewing some clothes.

I discovered YLF about 3 months ago, and I thank all of you so much for your experiences and wisdom – you are so inspiring!

Sharan, I'm going with #1 and #7. I love you in light taupes, and love how the cut of the garments really show in both outfits.

Janet, totally in love with all your outfits, but 1 and 20 (Boston jacket!!) are like amazing bookends to a brilliant year!

Kkards -- #1 -- camo and red!!

Astrid, #1 because it's light and fresh, and #3 because of your hair!

Aubergine, I have to pick #8. (smile)

Ornella, #6 and #2 -- loving the longer and asymmetrical sweaters on you!

Thus I never got around posting my faves (comes end of year and sadly, my brain is always tired for private life anylysis...:-() but this post is always a great treat for me! Love browsing each member's top looks!!! Thanx Angie, for making it a steady tradition on YLF!

Just had to pop back in and tell all of you lovely ladies how much I'm enjoying see your fab outfits - YOU ALL ROCK!!!

Well, I'm back, and unpacked. I quickly scanned through my outfits from 2014, and based on my initial gut instinct, these are my favourites. I could go through then again and grab more, then edit more, but honestly I don't have time. I have a few precious hours with no family... lots to do with it!

But I did want to post to this thread. So here you go. Too much of Elizabeth

ETA. What I find fascinating, is that not all of my favourite PIECES made this "list". Interesting... are my comfortable clothes not flattering? Are my favs things that look good on others, not me? Some thinking to do there!

Well, turns out I took a few WIW's after all. I believe I posted just about all of these.
Love my polka dots, stripes and BF jeans!
Great exercise, and inspiration for the year to come.
Have loved seeing everyone's favs.

Elizabeth P, that IS an interesting question. Hmmm. Write a post about those thoughts when you have a moment. I'm going with #9 as my fave. VERY trendy.

Laurie, I'm going with #7. Smashingly fresh and polished.

Such a great post! 2014 was the year I had fun with fashion. From super dressy to super casual, from higher end blazers to self made dresses, from vacation casual to fun-day functional, from rock star chic to plaid everything...I had fun with fashion!

Here are a few. I need to keep better track next year because I can't find the ones I really wanted.

This is fun and has actually helped me set some goals.


Karie, I'm glad you included Cosmo Edward in your pics. I'm going with #4 as my all time fave because the jacket was out of your comfort zone - but suits you to a TEE (I saw it in person when you tried it on - happy memories from the Boston gathering). And #8 comes in next. What a stylish pair.

Debbie, I'm going with #2 because you have never looked more look beautifully elegant, but #5 makes me think of our time together in Seattle, so it comes in as a close second.

I had to hunt in about seven very disorganized folders, but I found a few. Wow. More than a few. Like a gazillion. The first two were taken today, and the last two were taken during our Christmas show two weeks ago

I have about ten hats in rotation year-round, but I inevitably come back to my black wool Target cap. And that Danier jacket I bought in August of 2013 has paid for itself! Thank you to everyone who ever recommended that store - it is on my must-visit list the next the the BF and I go back to Toronto. (Not sure when that will be, but when I do, I would love to meet some of you Toronto ladies for lunch!)

LBD, how can I NOT choose #17 as my fave. WOW. Beautifully vibrant.

I finally got round to having a look at all the fab photos and all I can say is WOW!

Wow, LBD - those are amazing dance photos. My stepdaughter is huge into flamenco. She would be impressed, too!

And I love especially outfit 8. So fun!!

Debbie, #2 is gorgeous on you and so elegant. But I also love #4.

Karie, I am going with #5....because of happy memories!

Laurie -- loving that bright shot of colour in 11!

Elizabeth, 9 and 13 FTW!!

Wow, I can't wait to come back to this after I've been approved to view pictures. Can't wait to see what you all wore!!

Better late than never! Here are mine, in random order. I don't think my style changed too much in the last year, but I really loved the styles that were available in stores this year, so I shopped a lot. Fluid fits and asymmetrical layers are my jam. =)

Purchase of the year was definitely the British Wedding Hat. Second place goes to the YLF floral lemming sweater.

New thing I tried this year: blush! (The color, not the makeup). With Angie's help, I figured out that as long as I look for a clear, non-muddy blush, I am all good.

Diana, I've been waiting for you! Gorgeous outfits, one and all. I am especially wowed by #9. And, of course, the hat.

THERE YOU ARE. Diana, I was waiting for you to post. I'm going with #9 as my fave, but #7 brings back happy Seattle shopping memories (I was with you when you bought the tomato trousers), so that look comes in as a close second.

I finally had a chance to sit down, wide-awake, with coffee, and look at everyone's pictures. This is so much fun! Thank you, Angie, for starting this thread, and for your lovely comment!

I started out typing my favorites from everyone - but then this quickly turned into a super-long post. Everyone looks so beautiful and so polished! The stand-out thing to me in this thread, is the way everyone consistently chose colors that really suit each individual woman. That's a skill I need to work on.

I loved so many of your outfits, but the outfits I most want to steal and wear (or at least try to copy), are Angie #3 , Shannon #2, Suz #8, Karie #4, Mo #6, MsMary #5.

Obviously there is a striped skirt, and a pair of Okalas, on my event horizon in 2015.

Ok here's my favourites of 2014. Not all my fave outfits had photos done, so my selection is limited.

What I found interesting (and what made me pick these) is that all but the last are Fast Fall Back Outfits...that is, these are combinations I have worn more than once, in exactly the same way, because I felt so great in them. (Usually I prefer to remix outfits even if only slightly differently, rather than repeat.)

Commentary to follow... I am going to post this before I lose it. Happy New Year all!

Editing to add commentary: One thing that stands out to me, looking back over these, is 2014 the Year of Flat Shoes being trendy. And just in time for me, as I had some minor foot problems over the summer. The black patent loafers were a favourite that I think added a bit edge to every outfit, and the white sneakers (which I found in my closet) are the same as Angie's.

The other thing I noticed... The majority of my faves seem to involve skirts, even though I'm in pants for 2/3 of the year because of winter. Maybe I need to experiment more to see if there's a way to wear tights that won't drive me crazy.

On specific outfits: #5 has the culottes that were my surprise star. #6 was worn for date night to "Beef 'n Blues" with DH (hence the ballet flats), otherwise I wear it with plaid hi-tops. # 7 was worn for a day at the shore. #14 was worn to the mall (with black booties, not slippers! and a grey pea jacket) and was memorable because the Gap salesgirl (girl as in my daughters' age) complimented me on how I had styled the jeans (bought there last year).

My top favourite though is #15. This was my take on Angie's Ensemble with 4 neutrals (ink, grey, black and brown). I didn't have any brown, but I so loved the combo of Breton T, black gilet, and grey skirt, with my patent oxfords, that I've worn it to bits.

I love this drape-front blouse and my slim straight jeans. My other favorite was my work trousers, this blouse, this jacket and Viv's boots. I also love my green Unliquo hoodie.

Hi L'Abeille! It's great to see a bunch of your outfits in one place - to really get more of sense of your style. I love the pattern mixing you have going on in #13. Happy New Year!

L'Abeille, what Elizabeth said! I really like #1, too.

Elly, it was great to see you post more this year, and I love that look, too.

Elly, do post your outfits. It was GREAT to see more of you on YLF this year.

L'Abeille, nice to see your outfits too. I'm going with #11 as my fave, but #4 is a close second.

Very, very few outfits were documented in 2014. This was all what I could find #1 & 2 are from May and #3 is from Nov/Des.

Anyway, I think I'm heading in a simpler and more streamlined direction. In 2012 and 2013 I wore more accessories like belts, necklaces and bracelets - all at the same time + lots of layering. This year I've been wanting less fuzz, but maybe more colour. I still love combining vintage, second hand/thrift and high end items. I barely wear necklaces or bracelets, only my steel watch and simple steel studs.

So late to the party but finally had time to post!
Themes for 2014 were:
Polished ladylike edgy
Casual comfort
Plaid and lace
Work to MOTG
Matchy Matchy
Here are the details:

I was so lucky to meet Angie and all the other fabbers at Seattle Shoptember--a highlight of my year!
Hope 2015 is a great year for everyone!

I'm late to the party as usual. Not many outfit pics taken last year -here are a few - reflecting my warm climate. I'm looking forward to sitting back with a cuppa and going through all the fab outfits.