It's REALLY nice to hear the Veterans say that they look forward to this thread each year. It's such a nice way to wrap up the style year in a positive way.

Jeanne, I'm going with #9. But those hectic shorts that come out every Summer in #7 - you KNOW I have a soft spot for those when you wear them.

Well, happy new year! I haven't posted in ages, but I'm game to play. It's quite fun to look at all of these : ).

Logged in to come peek at thumbnails. Love it! Thought I'd share since I popped on.
#1 was technically last year but the 29th, exactly a year from today.
1-7 are FL (but 3 was on vacation home to Tahoe for 80th b-day party). 8-14 are home in Tahoe (9/10 and 12/13 same outfits with jackets).
Will peek more in depth at all the fab looks. Just skimming thumbnails for now. Happy holidays to every one!

I love this thread!! I kind of lost the plot some weeks ago when my camera got lost, but I have photos for most of the year, and here are my faves! One per month, in reverse chronological order.

My favorite, hands down, is #12 -- the Allsorts candy copycat from K Period. So fun!! And I love #10 because it's what I wore to pick up my Marine at the airport when he came home from two years in Japan! I see lots of old favorites from last year represented, which is interesting and rather heartening!

Nice to see you again, Sarah. Missed you. I'm going with #7, although #3 is a close second. You had me with the white accents, and you look a little like Jodie Foster.

Mo, I'm going with #3. Trendy, and great hair.

Mary, I'm going with #3 because it's the most different look for your style. And I was with you when you bought the pants and shoes. Happy Days.

Yes, Angie!! Happy memories of SSIF for sure! And those pants and shoes have been fall workhorses and wardrobe game-changers!

One of my favorite threads! Can't believe I am just getting here. Here is a random grab of my favorites as chosen while squinting at small icons.

Mary, that's FABULOUS. I just realized I was with you when you bought the Seattle plaid shirt too. Wooohooo.

Jaime, I'm going with #3 as my Shevia Best of 2014, and I'm guessing you knew that.

Wow, Jaime, I am with Angie. And I just realized that one of my favourite personal unposted looks was a direct copy of this!!

Mary, you and I both loved stripes in 2014!! These are all fantastic outfits, but I agree with Angie that #3 is the brightest of the best.

Mo, you look amazing in every one of these, but #3 is so fantastic, it's just not fair. Nice to see you here.

Sarah, Sloane sweater twin! Love that outfit on you, but also 5, 6, and 7.

Jeanne, your fabulosity knows no bounds. I am goggle-eyed over your plaids and metallics.

Angie, I have to thank you for introducing (giving me the chance to copy) the idea of cognac accents. That has been one of my best changes this year, now that I think of it.
Suz, I am tickled pink!
Thanks everyone for sharing on this thread - so fun!

I have a new computer and have not finished transferring my pictures. These are the ones I have.

1/ Burberry trench and distressed Fidelity BF jeans.

2/ Cognac Sarah Pacini sweater and Fidelity BF jeans.

3/ Wide legged Black linen pants (ankle length), cropped jean jacket and yellow tank top.

4/ Olive J Crew T shirt and distressed Fidelity BF jeans.

5/ Theory coat and BF jeans.

6/ Summer skirt and Birkenstocks with cropped jean jacket.

7/ Lole tunic and leggings with down vest. All black so unlike me.

I love this thread but will have to come back to post photos. My iPad keeps crashing or logging me out.

I only found a few WIWs on the iPad. I really need to be better about taking pics.

1: OLD hm skirt (now on the donate pile), white caslon tee, Kut denim jacket
2: EF shirt bought from amiable, rack shorts
3: Z by Zella gear via rack, kids my own

Stylefan, can I just say that your fringe (bangs) and your coats are amazing?? You wear those coats with great panache. #5 is amazing! Love your dog, too.

abc, you are adorable in that gear outfit (and so are your little ones). I remember that fabulous summer outfit, too. Yay!

Smiling @ Jaime.

abc, I'm going with #2. Great colour.

Style Fan, #5 is my fave, but #1 has my heart because you and your doggie are colour coded. Precious.

What an awesome thread! I am travelling back to my house after the holidays at the moment, spending a night with a dear friend. So hopefully by the time I get home and can cruise through my photos it won't be too late to contribute.

Here are my favorite outfits. Each of these outfits features at least one favorite item that I love to wear:
metallic peep-toe booties (1 & 4); mauve and gray print wool cap-sleeve sweatshirt (2); black harem pants (3 & 4); olive distressed suede boots (5 & 6); linen tie-hem skirt (7); arty sweaters, shrugs, and cardis (2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8).

Stylefan, I love your outfits. The purse in photos 4 and 5 is so neat!

shevia, I love your outfit 3, too. I think 1 is a close second, because I love the subtle touches of blush on you.

This is a pile of pics, sorry! But these were favorites and represent my seasonal variety pretty well too.

(1-2 is the same outfit, just including outerwear in 1st pic)

I will do this tomorrow ! So much fun. Everyone's outfits are fabulous!

Jjsloane, I love your outfit 4! The bag and booties are so fabulous (are they copper or cognac? whichever, they are gorgeous), and I like the classic elegance of the blazer with the outfit.

Fab outfits everyone. This is the best thread.

Janet you have to most amazing jean collection. I love number 3. Then I remember the discussion about turtlenecks. You look gorgeous in number 3!

All the forum members are so stylish. I don't know how I could pick a favourite.

Suz and Angie I also love the Theory coat. Unfortunately it does not have side entry pockets. I bought it in New York 5 years ago and have found the pocket issue stops me from wearing it. I loved the colour so much I still bought it. I wonder if a good seamstress could put pockets into it?

WOW, what a fabulous year we have had. its so fun to see everyone's favorites all in one spot.
as i tried to pull mine together, i realized that I've been very negligent about taking outfit photo's this year, (well that will be goal for next year). but from what i did have, and from the favorites i've culled, its quite clear that i've got a uniform of sorts, or at the very least, a very limit preferred silhouette.
so here are my favs for 2014
1. red for valentines day. repeated this for christmas day---as i realized it was green and red
2. seasonally confused for a late day in March, where the morning was in the mid 30's, but it was going to be 60 by the time i left work
3. destressed BFs and and fluid sweater. i felt so cutting edge LOL.
4. column of white with mixed medium blazer
5. the fluid sweater from #3 goes to work
6. the ponte knit pants from #5 repeated, with a lace overlay tank and blazer
7. lunch and shopping in an angie friday outfit
8. sporty luxe for a sunday of errands, mani and coffee. loved this trend, but i don't have a lot of great outfits to show. this was one of my favs because it was seemed so natural and easy.

Wow! Such incredible style ladies. I love this thread.

Here are mine. Biggest change this year was the haircut, definitely. I also found I'm drawn to very simple looks lately and want to be comfortable first and foremost.

This is such a fun thread! So great to see everyone's picks!

Here are some of my favorite outfits. My pictures are kind of disorganized, so I'm probably forgetting some, but these were the ones that stuck out from the ones I could find. #6 and #10 are special occasions (anniversary dinner and holiday party) and #11 is casual, while the rest are work outfits.

I definitely have my color palette down, don't I? There's also a surprising amount of silhouette variety. And I think I've gotten better at choosing pieces carefully and combining them in interesting ways this year.

I'd been feeling a little blah and dumpy lately, so I was pleasantly surprised to go back to last year's thread and see that my favorites from last year looked about like "default" outfits from this year. So I guess that means I'm slowly raising the bar -- yay!

Fabulous thread!

Here are mine. You've seen them all on the forum before except the last one, the black dress that literally shifted the way I think about my clothes.