Runcarla, I'm going with #4. I love the flats with the midi.

Thanks, Angie! I love that skirt...probably the oldest garment in my closet, alas.

Thanks for starting the thread Angie. Here are mine. I see a theme of black and white. #6 is not exactly a favorite but I had to include it because it got me kicked off the jury of a weapons charges case. #8 is one of my better work uniform days.

Runcarla, Oldies can be Besties.

Denise, I have to go with #1, because you are Queen Clint, and Cocoleine is adorable. #5 is a close second though.

One of my style goals next year is to master the selfie so it doesn't feel like a chore. I'm showing just one picture and its while it's not my favorite look of the year it represents some important steps forward. It's thoughtfully assembled, it utilizes pieces from my first capsule attempt, and it features a out-there piece with the distressed denim. I have no idea why I fell for distressed jeans this year. I kept trying to talk myself out of them and finally caved. I'm glad I did. It was a fun with fashion moment. I always overthink things and these jeans are just pure fun.

Great outfit, Meredith. Definitely a fave in my book.

Here are mine. They are all S/S outfits. I realised after I chose them that they were all work outfits, so added the last two as my favourite "off-duty" looks. #6 is my Christmas outfit and a new favourite, so it may be cheating a bit to include it!

Sharon, I'm going with #2 but #3 is a close second.

I'm so glad we get to pick more than one.

1. Ella Moss moto worn as mixed media jean jacket and Tripp jeans.

2. Flora Mortis with Helmut pants.

3. Eileen Fisher linen top and plaid Jolt pants

4. cropped Rubbish sweater with Indigo Reign distressed skinnies.

5. Bobeau tree shirt.

Shedev, I'm going with #5 because it has a softer edge.

Hi Angie (and all),
This is my first forum post but I've been reading and taking in your blog and good advice all year. Angie, you have been such a help in getting me to focus on the essentials of my style. I made good progress toward my goals:purging, concentrating on perfect fit and quality fabrics, keeping it simple and taking outfit photos. They are so useful. These are my favourites. I've always worn a lot of black and am enjoying branching out. The cream/stone/khaki (I'm having trouble labelling the colour) is a major change for me. I'm a big thrift store shopper and the scarf in photo 2 was probably a big influence in my drift to lighten up, and, as well, it was my biggest score. It's Hermes. Yup the real deal. $4.99.
In 2015 I hope to have an iPhone so I don't have to use that clunky ipad for photos.

What a FAB bunch of women - amazing!
Here are mine ...

Welcome and well done, Janette. I'm going with #4 as my fave.

TG, I'm going with #3.

OK, I haven't been on the forum very long, but I do have some favorite outfits. I'm loving everyone elses, so here are mine....

This is always a fun way to end the year. Lots of great photos from all!
I was a little lax about documenting my WIWs this year, but here are a few favs. I had fun experimenting with some sporty luxe looks and was inspired by Inge for this years holiday outfit.

Staysfit, it probably does not surprise you that I like #1 (which is now #9) best of all.

Angie, I just deleted number 1 and then added it back so it's now number 9. I didn't like the way my hair looked and then I saw your comment! It doesn't surprise me at all, and it's one of the first outfits I posted on the forum!

HAH. Glad you popped it back in, Staysfit.

Queen Tub Balancer Deb, I have to go with a tie for #3 and #4.

Debora, I'm going to try that on my tub - better light for photos!!! Love #4 btw

TG, thanks! I had to resort to the tub when my photographer went off to college. The lighting is great!

Angie, I almost didn't include #3. So glad you like it! Happy New Year to you and Greg, and best wishes for a FAB 2015! xoxo

I have lost all my pictures this year when my phone crashed . Style wise wasn't my best year as I tri to cope with changing body but my best was my hair chop love it with the curling and naturally curly

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Peri — you look wonderful. It’s been amazing to see the blossoming of your style. I especially love 3, 7, and 8.

Tanya, oh shirt twin, of course I love #1! But I am also voting for 9 and 11.

Joyce, you have such a lovely smile — 1 and 3 are my special faves!

Carla, wow — your style completely consolidated this year. Those shoes are stunners. And I still love love love #4 on you.

Denise — I was struck immediately by the simplicity and the B&W palette. Interseting — your work outfit actually fits right in here! My faves are 1 (for the reasons Angie says) and 7 and 9. So elegant on you.

Meredith - that is a great outfit. Love the jeans.

Sharon, I’m totally in love with your style. But you knew that already, right? My faves are 1, 2, 3.

Shedev, it feels as if you have added even more textural interest in your wardrobe this year and softened up a bit. Love #2 and #5 especially.

Janette — welcome!! And thanks for sharing your style with us. Love your pants in #9 And I really like #4.

TG, I am going with #2 because I love my stripes! (And they suit you so well). But wow, #3 feels like a really sophisticated MOTG look.

Staysfit, it does my heart good to see that pristine J. Crew linen tee in #9. (Sigh…mine is ruined…) Of course that is my fave outfit! But I really love #2, #3, and #5 on you as well.

Debora, I just adore #4 on you. But #2 is pretty close!

Ramya -- you are gorgeous! Love your new hair.

Angie, I think I softened up overall just a bit with less hardwear and some light drape.

Suz, you picked my favorites. Overall, my favorite is #2. I could have put up every outing of the flora mortis, but the helmut pants put that one on top. I do like a lot of texture but it is very hard to photogragh in the colors I like.

Can I play too? I don't have a lot of pic posts to choose from, but these were my favourites :

Lisa!! I can't pick. Honestly, these are all great. But that coat/ sweater combo in #4 is TDF. And #2 just blows me away.

Oh, and I want to see your CM plaid coat in here, too. Another amazing look.

Shedev, I hope you like the change as much as I do.

Suz, aren't you a gem commenting on everyone's outfits. Did you approve of my faves I chose from your best of selection? XOXOX

Ramya, your haircut is adorable, and so is your maternity style.

Lisap, I'm going with #2, but #5 is a close second. I love the colours od light and dark blonde running through your hair in #2. They match your brows.

*claps excitedly*

Angie, I just love this thread. I also went back to Amy's (Amiable's) thread and followed some long-time members' style progress (including my own). It was super - instructive.

Of course I love your selections! #8 is your outfit, just done in grey for my colouring. And I am totally into the asymmetrical hem thing. Like your top in your own #3. A very similar outfit done in different colours, once again. How can I thank you for the inspiration? I am so lucky that I share a similar body type/ hair style. Makes getting dressed a whole lot easier than it used to be.

I look forward to this retrospective each year. Such beauty and style I am overwhelmed.
I tried to limit to one per month so here are a few of the favorites of my own (does it count if I never posted them?)
I enjoyed my metallics in every aspect (1, 3, 7, 8). I kept true to my preppy navy, white, red, khaki stripes and plaids palette (all). I also enjoyed dressing alike with my mini-me DD (5) and was ready for anything in Boston (10) and had a fab birthday (11). 12 shows my fun with Christmas sweaters which sums up how I love to wear white jeans anytime and plaid with everything.

Lisap, you crack me up. I LOVE the way you wear chunky costume jewellery.

Suz, HAH. It only just occurred to me that those outfits are my own in other colours. *slaps forehead*. We also share similar style preferences, so a HUGE 2014 HIGH FIVE.