Hi Everyone:

Today a few of us are going to kick off a personal wardrobe challenge loosely called the 30 x 30 Challenge. Everyone's challenge will be individual and deeply personal. Each participant will select the number of items in their challenge; the categories included; the categories excluded; the number of days they will participate; and their own start date. The primary goal is for you to learn as much as you can about your wardrobe preferences and if your existing wardrobe fully meets your needs.

Because there are no rules, I am including some earlier posts that highlighted various participant's thought processes (in no particular order): https://youlookfab.com/welookf.....nother-30-https://youlookfab.com/welookf.....-challenge

I am starting on January 1st. I have never done a challenge like this during the Winter months. Obviously, layers are a big consideration that eat into your 30 items so I am going to exclude outerwear, shoes, and accessories. In fact, I am going to outright copy Joy: My 30 will start with tops, bottoms, and indoor toppers only. I plan to exclude footwear, underlayers for warmth, coats, scarves and other accessories. I also will exchange out pieces that are not working for something else. My capsule is for cold weather. If, by some miracle, the weather should get too warm for my capsule, I reserve the right to use less warm items.

One last thing. In previous years, I started out the challenge by defining my 30 items on Day 1. Other Forum Participants opted to define their 30 items as the challenge progressed. This introduced a flexibility to the challenge that I really liked. I'll be copying them.

So to start my challenge, I have three items (out of a possible 30 items):
1. Grey ponte pants
2. Navy blue long sleeved tee shirt
3. Grey cardigan.

You can report in any way that suits you. Some Forum Participants wrote weekly posts detailing their success and lessons learned. Others posted daily. The daily posters usually included a WIW. As the challenge progressed, the WIWs became fewer and fewer.