To all the participants of this challenge, I thank you. You have both awed and inspired me. It was a an honor getting to know each of you and your personal styes.

There are only eight more days of the challenge (last day July 18th). All the hard work has been done and it is time to either go out with a bang or coast to the finish. Me? I'm going to coast to the finish. For some reason, I feel I have earned that.

I've learned an awful lot about my style preferences and needs (especially my needs). I doubt that there will be many more lessons for me to learn in the next eight days. Still, I am always open to new discoveries.

Do you realize my personal epiphany about my clothing needs for high Summer exactly coincides the NAS. While everyone on the Forum will be shopping for Fall/Winter, I'll be busy trying to score some stuff on sale for high Summer. Had I not participated in the challenge, I would have been yearning for heavy cashmere sweaters and sweatpants. I now realize the futility of that exercise!! So YAY.

Best wishes going forward.