It is only Day 4 and I have already come to two conclusions. First, Winter Challenges are a lot harder than Summer Challenges. You just need more pieces to survive on a daily basis. That third piece is essential.

Because the third piece is so rare in my climate, I made the decision yesterday to include every indoor third piece that I own. They will all be counted in my 30 items. As I add these in, I obviously will have fewer slots for bottoms and tops. I decided I would limit my bottoms to a mere four or five. I genuinely think I could get dressed using only four or five bottoms. We shall see.

I also realized that since I telework every other day, I can literally repeat outfits twice in a row (once at home and a second time in the office). I should note I have no meetings scheduled this entire month. It is a very work casual month.

So I repeated Day 1 and Day 2 with ease. I am going to repeat Day 3 today. Only the topper will change today.

1. Grey ponte pants (Best Buy)
2. Navy blue long sleeved tee shirt (favorite, most comfortable tee)
3. Grey long line cardigan (not a favorite, might be slated for donation)
4. Kut from the Kloth dark blue jeans (Best Buy)
5. Gap white short sleeved tee shirt (Best Buy)
6. NEW Landsend navy cardigan (purchased to make a "suit" just as Janice from the Vivienne Files has taught me to do).
7. Nordic Track Half Zip Fleece Top (would be a Best Buy but I have come to realize I hate Half Zip Tops).

This is a sharp looking outfit, Sterling. I also do not like half zips either and have two that should be in this challenge but I use more for cold spring because they are mint green and a winter white.. Zipped up, I wear them more as tops than toppers.
Today I am repeating the jeans from Day 1 with a black turtleneck and taupe topper and booties. I will add a scarf to brighten up the neutrals, but it may be a messy day so needed items that could possibly get ruined by cleaners or baby spit up. At some point today I will probably need to change all or part of the outfit.

Sterling, perhaps you can post your daily outfit and conclusions on a separate thread? Easier to follow-up on for your audience here. Like me!

I'm dropping out of the challenge... I had to say a very sad goodbye to my cat this weekend, so I'm going to focus on other things for a while. I'll be cheering you all on, though.

And a picture of my gorgeous little guy, from a few weeks ago when he was feeling better (and happened to pose in lovely soft light).

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So sorry to hear about your cat Srah. What a sweet picture.

Srah -- I am so so sorry to hear about your loss. Losing our dog was devastating. It takes a lot of time and self care to regroup. Please reach out to me if I can do anything at all for you.

Thanks, delurked and Sterling. We know it's part of the deal when we welcome them into our lives, but it's still so hard when the time comes.

It is still hard. Some of neighbors think of their pet as their child. If anything were to happen to one of those pets, we would have a crisis on our hands. Best wishes.

Oh, Srah, my condolences. <3

Srah, I am so sorry for your loss. My kitties are also precious to me. Thank you for sharing the picture of your gorgeous little guy.