First, let me say that I am honored to be joined by Style Fan, Joy, Anchie, RunCarla, Sal, CindySmith, Srah, LaP, Juecav, Emily K, and Minimalist.

Each of us have decided to participate in a 30 x 30 challenge which officially starts on June 19th. Several of these individuals have already drafted posts of their draft lists.

Each of us have defined our own unique list of 30 items to get us through the next 30 days. We all have very different lives, different commitments/obligations, and varying weather patterns with which to contend. Obviously, each set of 30 items is unique to the challenge participant.

In my opinion, the primary goal of this challenge is to learn as much as possible about our individual style and wardrobe needs. Hopefully, this information will lead to more informed and better buying decisions in the future.

I have an added goal. I want to really focus on wearing my 30 items (many of which were purchased as part of my first-ever seasonal shop). I want to see if there are any wardrobe holes that I missed. What those holes might be and decide how best to address them.

Because our lives are so different, the parameters used to select our 30 items varied. Obviously, there is no right way or no wrong way to do this challenge. It is solely about learning as much as possible about yourself.

For example, I learned that the idea of wearing a single pair of earrings for 30 days was abhorrent. I would rather omit one top and add in a second pair of earrings than do without.

I also learned that including sleepwear in my 30 items was too strict. It would have been less fun and I am not sure what, if anything, that would have taught me. I opted not to include sleepwear. Major relief when that decision was made.

A unexpected benefit is that I obviously won't be shopping during the next 30 days. How could I possibly rationalize shopping or buying anything when I wouldn't be able to even consider wearing it until after July 19th? It makes no sense.

Another benefit is my BF's interest in this challenge. He asked lots of questions yesterday that raised the level of my commitment. It might be really fun to have him participate in this challenge tangentially.

I am a spreadsheet enthusiast. I developed a spreadsheet for the next 30 days that includes 29 items (and one empty slot). I will track number of wears. My goal is also to take a picture of each day's outfit(s) and post them as well. That might be a reach though. I am more about numbers than visuals.

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