My last challenge was in June/July. I learned a lot about my Summer wardrobe and identified wardrobe gaps with laser-like precision. Identifying wardrobe gaps highlighted exactly what actions were needed to make my overall wardrobe more functional. This in turn focused my shopping list. What I bought in July were rated as "best buys."

I am considering another 30 x 30 for a few reasons: (1) I feel all shopped out; (2) I hope to identify wardrobe gaps in my Winter wardrobe; and (3) I want to play around with my Work Capsule to see if it still meets all my needs.

Last time I included accessories such as shoes, purses, and jewelry. I don't think I am going to do that this time. I love switching out my purses to suit my needs and whims. This 30 x 30 will focus solely on clothing items and I can switch out accessories to my hearts content.

I also identified my 30 items at the start of the challenge. Other Forum Members built up their 30 items as the challenge progressed (e.g., LisaP and Anchie). This introduced lightness and flexibility. I thought that flexibility might have suited me better in the long run.

I assume we would start on January 1, 2018. Join me, won't you?

Let me start this challenge off by saying I already identified a glaring wardrobe hole. I have been on vacation for about a week and a half now, I do not have "lounging pants" in my wardrobe. I have plenty of jeans (don't want to wear them). I have plenty of sleeping pants (don't want to wear them during the day).

My mantra is Cozy Chic for Winter. I would like to embrace Cozy Chic for work as well.