I am near ready and plan to start Jan 1. My 30 will start with tops, bottoms, and indoor toppers only. I plan to exclude footwear, underlayers for warmth, coats, scarves and other accessories. I also will exchange out pieces that are not working for something else. My capsule is for cold weather. If, by some miracle, the weather should get too warm for my capsule, I reserve the right to use less warm items. This time of year is heavy on woolies, and that is what I am planning to have in heavy rotation, but I have some items for the occasional warmer day. I will only be in trouble if the warming trend turns into a week or more. I am looking forward to finding out what I want to repeat and what I never want to reach for.

Sterling, I think I'll pass, this time around (I've been teasing myself--right up to the deadline, as you can see--with the possibility of joining again :-). But I am going to follow-along eagerly and will try to access some of the benefits I realized last time--like taking regular outfit photos. Cheers!

I just saw this. I have half a mind to play along if I can manage. I never include my lounge clothes in the challenge anyways, so I will try to do 30 proper outfits, however long that takes.

Count me in! I'm going to go find Lisa P and Anchie's posts - I like the idea of build-as-you-go. I think I'm going to reference Lisa from Shopping Brake, and pack up everything into a couple of carry-on suitcases that I have. I'll pull things out and put them on the closet rail as I wear them. We'll see how that goes!

Are there any cut-and-dried rules, as far as what your 30 pieces include or entail?

(I'm still in loungewear as I type this. It's 20 degrees in Atlanta right now. The horror. I don't know how you ladies up north do this.)

LBD -- I'm so glad you are joining us!!! You and I have very similar climates and I always read your posts about dressing for the climate. There are no rules whatsoever to this challenge. It is a very personal challenge and only you can define what you need and what you don't need. As you so rightly point out, every one of us has our own wardrobe challenges so rules would be too restrictive. I'm really glad you are going to reference Shopping Brake!!! And if you have any problems finding posts, let me know and I'll try to help you.

Welcome Bella!! I doubt anyone of us would consider lounge clothes in our 30-odd items. I personally am going to follow Joy's parameters in the post above.

Emily and Sal -- So nice of you to post. Yes. I was hoping you both would join in, but if the timing is not right, it can't be helped. I look forward to catching up with the two of you through other Forum posts. Best wishes for the New Year.

Joy -- thank you for posting your challenge parameters. I was going to write a separate post, but I am just going to copy and imitate you.

Hi Sterling. Happy new year!

I have been thinking about this and I think I will join in. Of course my 30 will be high summer, so much easier than winter! I have been putting together a blue, green, black and white capsule for summer and this would give me an opportunity to test it out. The whole capsule thing is new for me. I am intrigued by it.

I am away from home this week visiting with friends, so I won’t be on the forum much. I will use what I brought as my starting point then add in work items when I am back next week.

Like others, I don’t plan to count shoes or accessories. Also, it’s my birthday and my husband’s this month, and I reserve the right to “break out” of my capsule on those days. You said we could make our own rules

I am thrilled that you are joining in, Brooklyn. I have long admired your style and look forward to reading posts when you have time. Of course, you must abandon the challenge to dress for your and your husband's birthdays!!!!! I know I would.

I followed your summer challenge with interest, Sterling, and will try to keep up with this one too. It sounds like it was really useful for you.

I don’t think I want to limit the number of pieces I use, but I am back to creating outfits. I’m not strict about them, but it’s helpful to have a bunch ready to go. I don’t choose shoes, bag or accessories until I get dressed so that allows just enough choice for the day.

I really want to get dressed without any angst, feel good about what I’m wearing and just get on with my day!

Good luck- I will look forward to your updates!

Hi Susie -- thank you for following along with us. Some times I learn the most from the observer that can see the forest for the trees.

Bella has a slight twist on this challenge:

Her thread today is certainly worth reading.

FWIW, I'm popping in on the 3x30 challenges already, Sterling. Thanks for the kind words.