We see florals every Spring and Summer, and at the moment, large florals that are spaced out across all sorts of backgrounds are current and gaining momentum. They are the polar opposite to small, compact ditsy florals. The patterns run the gamut of flowers, colours and vibes. 

Here are examples across a range of clothing items.

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Big spaced florals are my favourite kind of flower pattern. I usually have a few in my wardrobe. I like both realistic and abstract floral designs on dresses, skirts, blouses, jackets, pullovers, and pants. I tend to wear them in the Spring and Summer in brights, some pastels, blues, and whites.

Onto some outfit formula inspiration, where you’ll see the trends at play.

1. Layered Floral Blouse

An abstract, earthy, and fluid floral blouse is worn over a pair of slim tan cropped and cuffed trousers. It’s topped with a roomy kimono-sleeve cardigan in a shade of watermelon that’s repeated in the pattern. Watermelon slides complete the look and match the cardigan. I see a tan or cognac bag. The outfit works as well without the topper. Choose any colour palette. Easy, polished, and comfortable.

Layered Floral Blouse

2. Full Floral Skirt

A spaced big and bright floral midi skirt on a white background is combined with a white tailored shirt that defines the waist. The whites match and create a subtle column of colour. A scarf in a mismatched pattern adds colour up top. The black in the scarf pattern matches the model’s hair, while the red and yellow matches the same colours in the skirt. White sneakers are the off-kilter choice. I see white, black, red or metallic dressier shoes too. And a bag that matches the palette.

Full Floral Skirt

3. Co-Ord

This is more of a leaf pattern than a floral, so a cousin to the spaced floral look. It’s a massive pattern that is VERY spaced out across wide pants and a big boxy shirt. The co-ord is gorgeous to my eye. Complete with matching dressy cream pumps, and gigantic mismatched tomato red tote. Love it!


4. Maximal Maxi

Last but not least, a multicoloured, big spaced floral that’s combined with diagonal stripes graces a dressy batwing maxi kaftan. It’s sheer and opaque layers add extra maximal interest. Quiet dressy, strappy black sandals are all that’s needed to complement this amazing work of art. I’d throw in a metallic bag too. Add jewellery, watch, and eyewear as desired.

Maximal Maxi