Camisoles are knitted or woven items of underwear that also work as loungewear and leisure wear. They have narrower straps than tank tops and are made of cotton, silk, satin, modal, tencel and elastane. Pick camisoles with very comfy fit and fabric. 

Cozy Comfy Camisoles

Choose a body con or tailored fit in a cosy fabric. Cottons are popular and launder well. Handy adjustable straps alter the neckline position. A little longer than hipbone length is most versatile. Tucking camisoles into bottoms keeps them in place.

Wearing white camisoles under white opaque tops makes their white look richer. Camisole straps that cover bra straps are convenient. Camisoles with lace trims peeking out from under the necklines of tops and dresses add a pretty, polished effect.