It’s the middle of Winter in the Northern hemisphere, which can be cold, grey, drab, and a little sad. Sometimes we’re looking for change, but feel a little stuck. Wearing existing wardrobe items in new combinations is one way to get the change you need. The outfits here might inspire you to pull together some new-for-you looks.

Focus on the colour mix if the silhouettes are unappealing.

1. Black, Cream, Chartreuse

A chartreuse, black and cream patterned blouse is paired with wide cream trousers. A cream belt and flats add a polished and pretty accessorized touch. A black maxi coat tops the lot, matching the black in the pattern and the model’s hair. Sub the black with navy if that’s your dark neutral. I see a cream bag to contrast brightly against the dark coat.

Black, Cream, Chartreuse

2. Slate Blue and Chocolate

Slate blue is a greyed mid-tone blue. Here, an oversized slate blue shirt and sweater vest are combined with slouchy cool-toned chocolate pants. The pants complement the model’s warmer brown hair. The roomy pants are tucked into tall stompy black boots to create a knickerbocker effect. The cool black boots match the cool-toned pants. I see a black bag and coat top the lot.

Slate Blue and Chocolate

3. Lavender and Cinnamon

Purples look great with earth tones, and are an unexpected pairing. Here, a lavender sweater dress is topped with a cinnamon puffer. The lining of the puffer is deliciously lavender too. The effect, to my eye, is punchy and interesting, and a fun mix of warm and cool colours. The look is completed with what looks like black over-the-knee boots. I’d have preferred to see boots in an earthy chocolate or whiskey. Black works too, and perhaps with the addition of a black bag.

Lavender and Cinnamon

4. Forest, Purple, Tangerine, Wine

Here’s an unusual rainbow of four colours that are thrown together to create clashing harmony. Interestingly, none of the colours are repeated to allow the eye to rest. A forest green blouse is paired with bright purple culottes. A tangerine shacket tops the lot. Dark deep red flats complete the look. Works in a clean, chaotic, and energetic way. I see a dark purple or green bag. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired.

Forest, Purple, Tangerine, Wine