Often the clothes you have worn can be worn again before they need to be laundered. They might be a little creased, or need a little airing out, but don’t need to be washed with water and detergent or sent for dry cleaning. And it is good for the environment to eliminate unnecessary laundry.

Personally I hang and fold these clothes back in my closet as if they were clean. After all, they’re stain-free, odour-free, and not dirty. If the items are creased, I pop them on the ironing pile, or give them a quick press before wearing them again. Sometimes I leave an item of knitwear hung over a rail overnight to air out, and fold it the next morning. I’m happy with this strategy.

Some of my clients have the same strategy. Others section off an area of their wardrobe where they hang the worn items. Some hang the items inside out and put them back in their closets. Others hang the clothes on designated hooks outside their closets. Some of my clients put most items in the laundry after a single wear.

What is your strategy?