If you like to wear off-white, cream, or ecru jeans casually in the Autumn and Winter, here are some neutral and solid outfit ideas. They are easy to pull together and might be just your cup of tea. 

The components of the formula:

Winter White Jeans: Choose a pair of jeans in your white and preferred silhouette. This might be off-white and cream for some, and ecru or bone for others.

Top: Pair the jeans with a neutral and fluid, or oversized sweater. Think black, light grey, navy, charcoal, olive, cream, stone, metallic, or earth tones. Wear the sweater untucked or semi-tucked.

Footwear: Ground the outfit with casual black, cream, tan, navy, cognac, olive, grey, metallic, or brown boots. Clogs, loafers, or oxfords can work too. You might like to match the colour of the sweater with the boots. Like black sweater with black boots. Toffee sweater with toffee, tan or brown boots. Silver sweater with silver boots.

Topper: Top the lot off with a casual and neutral topper like a short or long puffer, a quilted jacket, bomber jacket, moto, fleece jacket, parka, peacoat, or casual wool coat.

Accessories: Complete the look with a bag that works with the outfit. For some it’s a casual tote, belt bag, or crossbody. For others it might be a structured satchel or shoulder bag. Add jewellery, belt, eyewear and watch as desired.

I have a pair of thick ecru balloon jeans that I like to wear in colder weather. When I wear them with neutrals, I like them best with a striped navy and cream sweater, so not a solid top! That said, I like them with a solid cream or navy sweater too. I finish off the look with cream boots and bag, and a navy or oatmeal coat. Sometimes a toffee moto. Here are the exact items from my wardrobe.