Many of my clients enjoy Ecco boots. The collection below shows Ecco boot styles that have been winners on my clients in the last two years. Notably, the Ecco Sculpted LX 35 bootie has been the Ecco bootie winner of the season, and particulary in the Winter White. Visually, it has an outstanding sculptured round heel that packs lots of punch.

It’s very comfy, robust, and chunky in a refined way. Grippy soles. Neat ankle fit. It has two sets of insoles that are removable so you can insert orthotics, or remove one insole to create a roomier fit. It’s fab for high insteps and arches, and can work with smaller bunions too. Comes in black, textured black, and black patent. It has a higher heeled and higher shaft sibling, the Ecco Sculpted LX 55 Bootie, in case you prefer that option. Fab pretty notch detailing on the ankle opening.

The Ecco Classic Zip Waterproof Combat Boot works well on a narrower foot with lower arches that can handle flat heels. The Ecco Classic 35 Bootie can accommodate bunions comfortably if your feet aren’t very wide. The Ecco Nouvelle Lace Leather Boot in the white is super soft and has a striking edge to it. The Ecco Modtray Water Resistant Bootie has been an excellent woodsy walking shoe.

Some styles are weatherproof, some styles are on sale, and some silhouettes run wider than others. Browse the collection, the colour options, and read the reviews.