Forum member RunCarla shared how she washed her Ecco sneakers in the washing machine with great results. I usually wash my sneakers by hand, which is effective but tedious. Based on Carla’s good results, I tried this for my own Eccos. 

First, I cleaned the bottoms of the sneakers by hand to minimize any accumulation of dirt in the machine. Then I removed the laces and footbeds, and popped them into a small gauze laundry bag. I put the metallic sneakers into another laundry bag, then washed the lot with a load of towels on the “delicates” cycle with gentle detergent, hoping for the best.

They came out looking fabulous! The soles aren’t completely clean, but the laces and leather look new. The laces were dry in an hour, but the footbeds and the sneakers themselves took a couple more days. I plan to do the same with two pairs of white Ecco sneakers.

I’m not sure how frequently you can wash sneakers in the machine without ruining them, but I’m thinking I’ll do mine once a year. Have you tried washing sneakers in the washing machine, and if so, what were the results?