A new outfit from Janie Medley of Medley Style, whom we introduced to YLF in March 2023.

Janie dazzles in a below-the-knee fitted turtleneck dress and show-stopping aqua ankle boots. The dress’s photograpic print in autumnal shades of brown, green, cream, blue, and black draws the eye up and down, and looks like a beautiful modern work of art. The vibrant aqua of our blogger’s pointy-toed stacked high-heel ankle boots is unexpected and adds heaps of happy pizzazz. For outside, she pops on an on-trend fluid fit emerald wool coat that makes the aqua boots stand out even more. The cream quilted bag with chain strap echoes the cream in the dress. Janie’s brown hat and big hoop earrings fit the colour palette and are the flamboyant finishing touches.

Janie Medley - 1

Janie Medley - 2