Seafoam is an unusual mid-tone, or pastel. It’s neither mint nor light blue, but somewhere in between. It’s more blue than sage, although some retailers refer to seafoam as sage. When you add white and grey to a tone of teal, a seafoam tint is created. Like teals, some seafoams are more blue, and others more green. Take your pick. 

I had an old seafoam leather jacket that I finally passed on. I kept wishing it was light blue. Seafoam is not a great colour on me, but I managed to make it work by wearing it with crisp whites and brights. Now with my darker honey blonde hair, it does not work at all. I’ll leave seafoam to my clients and friends who wear it with panache and grace.

Seafoam is a quiet colour that can be worn beautifully when combined with quiet neutrals. Here are some examples.

1. Shades of White

A classic, shimmery and silky seafoam fluid-fit blouse is tucked into a pair of on-trend, off-white high-rise pleated trousers. White sandals match the light and pretty vibe of the outfit. Dainty layered necklaces add to the softness of the vibe. Metallic, tan or taupe footwear would work as well. I see a bag in a shade of white, metallic or tan too. Elegant.

Shades of White

2. Black and White

A mid-tone seafoam pullover is layered over a white untucked button-down shirt. They are paired with black wide leg cargo trousers. The outfit is completed with chunky black boots and a black tote to match. The black in the outfit works well with the model’s black hair.

Black and White

3. Faded Denim and Tan

Here a pretty fit-and-flared seafoam midi dress does the talking. It can be topped with a faded denim jacket for insulation. Tan sandals and matching bag are the finishing touches. The three light colours have the same intensity and are in quiet harmony. The model’s hair provides the high contrast in the outfit.

Faded Denim and Tan

4. Grey and Cognac

Last, the greyed integrity of seafoam makes it work well with a pastel pearl grey. The seafoam scarf here looks good with the light grey dress of the model. Her auburn hair packs some high-contrast punch, which I can see repeated with cognac footwear. A cognac or metallic bag would look good too. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired.

Grey and Cognac