Pastel purples like lilacs and lavenders are popular with my clientele and our forum members. There is quite a lot of it at retail too. These soft purple tints can be worn year round in seasonally-appropriate fabrics and silhouettes. Lilac and lavender are great with shades of white. Some like it with black or navy. 

Here are other light purple colour combinations that might inspire you.

1. Cool Blues and Whites

Lilac is gorgeous with cool blues, purples, and medium blue denim washes. Adding white to the outfit amps up the crisp factor. Think of the palette of hydrangea flowers and copy it. It’s the type of palette that looks good on those who wear cool-toned colours and silver metals well.

Cool Blues and Whites

2. Olives, Oranges and Browns

Although lilac is quite a cool-toned colour, it can be combined with warmer colours like Dutch orange, burnt orange, a warm cinnamon brown, and cognac, if you fancy the visual effect. The olive here is on the warmer side because it’s got yellow in it. The lilac pattern has some olive which ties back to the pants. The brown complement of shoes and cap is a charming nod to the orange in the pattern. Visual harmony is created.

Olives, Oranges and Browns

3. Reds and Pinks

A pink lilac can work wonderfully with pinks and reds. Here, the patterned top incorporates the same tone of pink lilac as the bottoms which helps bring together the look. The chartreuse bag picks up the chartreuse in the pattern. You could have picked up any colour of the pattern for the bag and shoes to create a fab visual effect.

Reds and Pinks

4. Whites

Simply wear lilacs and lavenders with white and you’re done. Think white bottoms and tops to wear with lilac separates. Throw in a white scarf too. Add white or metallic shoes to complete the look.

5. Chartreuse and Cool Brown

Last, I was struck by how fabulously the cool brown of the model’s hair and brows was repeated in same cool brown of the shorts. The chartreuse top works well with the model’s green eyes. A lilac cardigan tops it all off, creating a unique and attractive effect. I see cream, tan or dark brown footwear. Add jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired.

Chartreuse and Cool Brown