Let’s dive into the world of fragrance this week:

Fab Links from Our Members

Roberta thought this was definitely worth the read: “Barbie and the Cinematic History of Weaponized Pink.

Nuancedream wanted to share this article outlining the evolution from jock bra to jog bra to sports bra. 

The NYTimes reports that crop tops for men are back. Carol adds: “I’m sharing this because I’m getting a vintage one as a joke for my boyfriend… who was very much cool in the eighties. I’m glad to see it’s more than a gimmick for some men.”

Get what you pay for? Not really, says a comparison study of luxe and low-end clothes.” Kookaburra adds: “The title says it all… plus as we know all too well, price is no guarantee the item will be comfortable and will make you feel fabulous every time you wear it.”