I love pink. I wear it year round in seasonally appropriate fabrics, and in any wardrobe item. Bright shocking pink is one of my favourite colours. I also enjoy bubblegum pink, and blush. I wear pink with brights like tomato red, citron, lime, turquoise, and orange. I also wear it with navy, all sorts of whites, earthy tans, toffees and browns, oatmeal, and burgundy. Pink is versatile for my style. Maybe it’s versatile for you too.

There are infinite ways to wear pink in the Summer months. Choose the tints, shades, and tones of pink that work best for you, and incorporate them into your warm and hot-weather looks. The outfit ideas below should get the creative juices flowing.

1. Bright and Dark

Combine bright pink with dark neutrals like black, navy, or chocolate. Here, a patterned pink, peach and black floral mesh top is combined with shocking pink linen wide cropped pants. It’s tucked to create a sleek effect. Summery black slides match the pattern of the top and bookend the model’s hair. A coral bag is the finishing touch. It clashes with the pink in a harmonious way.

Bright and Dark

2. Soft and Light

If bright pinks are too bold, soft pinks might be more your thing. The collection shows multiple soft pink items worn in various ways. Solid soft pink separates are an easy match with whites, tans, olive, and blue denim. Soft pink patterns in tops and dresses are another way to go. Silver, gold, tan and white shoes and bag are a slam-dunk finishing touch.

3. Pink and Neon

Here we see bright and soft pink in one outfit, which keeps most of it visually tonal. A pair of pants in a soft dusty blush is combined with a bright billowing blouse. It’s tucked to define the waist, which adds structure to the outfit. Like a bolt of lightening, the tonal effect is jolted with neon green and yellow accents in the form of footwear and bag. The electric effect is quite the acquired taste. Delicious to my eye.

Pink and Neon

4. Pink Complement

Create a pink complement with shoes and a bag that match in colour. Add the complement to all sorts of outfits to help pull together the look. Here, a pair of soft and baggy white trousers is combined with a patterned blouse. It has a bit of pink in the pattern to match the pink shoe and bag complement. I’ll take the entire outfit please.

Pink Complement

5. Earthy Pinks

Last, pinks look good with all sorts of earthy browns, tans, taupes, cinnamons, and mustards. That palette is shown in a boxy patterned shirtdress complete with mustard platforms. Instead of a pattern, combine a solid pink top with earthy bottoms. Complete the outfit with brown shoes and bag. Wear the palette into Autumn and Winter. Add jewellery, eyewear, and watch as desired.

Earthy Pinks

Of course, with the Barbie craze that’s happening right now, pink is even more topical than normal. So you have to be prepared to be complimented on your Barbie look if you wear shocking pink.

Who else likes to wear pink in the Summer?